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30 Tragic Events

Love Has Many Forms, Part 5 (Supernatural, Dean, Sam, #22-electricity)

30 Tragic Events

Love Has Many Forms, Part 5 (Supernatural, Dean, Sam, #22-electricity)

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Title: Love Has Many Forms, Part 5
Author/Artist: my_sam_dean
Pairing: Dean/ofc
Fandom: Supernatural
Theme: 22 - electricity
Disclaimer: I own nothing Supernatural.

"You look pretty in all of them," Sam waved his hand and sighed. "Which one do you like best?"

"I'm not sure. What do you think, Dean?" Melanie turned to face him wearing one dress and holding the other two choices. "Just be blunt with me. I can take it."

Sam shot a warning look at Dean, trying to remind Dean that Melanie was their friend and they wanted to keep her as a friend. But, Dean wasn't looking his way.

He bit his lip as he studied the dresses. "The one with the flowers--I just don't like. It's too loud or Hawaiian or something." Melanie set that dress down. "The pink one showed more cleavage, if that's the look you want. The one you're wearing is more modest. The bottom and sleeves do that flirty-ruffle thing. It's form-fitting and the muted colors show off your face."

Sam's jaw dropped.

"Wow. I didn't expect that much detail. Thanks." Melanie turned back to the dressing rooms.

"When did you grow up?" Sam asked Dean.

"I want her to be happy. When she looks back at her wedding, I want her to remember how beautiful it all was because she deserves it."

Nodding, Sam said no more about it as he saw Melanie returning from purchasing the dress.


That summer, the Winchesters were a part of a beautiful union of two soul mates. The small country church was filled to capacity on the day of Melanie and Rusty's wedding. Knut and Linnae toddled down the aisle holding Dean and Sam's hands. They were scooped up when their feet got too tired. Brady was supposed to walk his mom down the aisle but he freaked at the last minute. There was some shuffling of bodies but the problem was resolved quickly.

Rusty held Brady up at the altar. Two nice ladies got to coo over the twins. Sam and Dean walked Melanie down to meet her groom.

Photos were taken of the newlyweds, family, and one of everyone who attended the celebration (except for the poor photographer. Someone had to take the picture.) The background was the Winchester porch. When everyone had squeezed in to get the picture taken, the photographer had some of the men sit on the steps. A few of the smaller children were perched on the railing, secured by a parent or relative standing next to them.

The reception was held at the Winchesters' house. It had the advantage of a huge yard. The children could run and play while the adults talked on the porch and sipped iced tea. Children laughed and played tag. Most of them had changed out of their good clothes so they didn't have to worry about getting dirty. The girls were trying to stay clean but the boys were, well, boys.

The wedding cake was displayed inside. Sam had worried over that cake all week because he wanted to get it exactly right. He'd been pouring over magazines for just the right one to make. Dean was better when it came to modifying anything, so he explained how Sam could make a simplifier version of what caught his eye. When Melanie saw her cake, she started to cry. So, Sam's cake was perfect or damn close.

An impromptu ballgame broke out. Men left their suit coats near the house and joined in the fun. After all, they were just big boys at heart. Some girls played but none of the women did. For awhile it looked like Melanie was going to join a team. Dean could tell from the gleam in her eye that she wanted to be out there, but she was being too ladylike. Instead, she cheered the loudest for both teams.

Slowly the party dwindled down. Guests left as the children tired out and needed to sleep. The sun set and crickets sang their nightly tune. After saying goodbye to the last guest, Melanie crept up the steps to check on Brady. It was one more last time before she and Rusty left for their week long honeymoon at the cabin. She'd never left him overnight before.

"Did you remember your cell phone? She'll make you turn around and get it, wedding night or not." Dean advised Rusty.

"I've got the charger, too. Phone's no good without a battery."

"Damn right."

Sam set a box on the table. "Here is a Honeymoon Survival Kit. Don't look at me, it was Dean's idea."

"Well, I thought we could throw a few things together for you."

"Dean made a Honeymoon Survival Kit?" Melanie sounded unsure. "Is it safe to open?"

"Gees! What type of guy do you take me for?" Dean spoke up. "Do I need to have Sam vouch for my good intentions?"

"I'll vouch for Dean on this one, only because I know most of what is in there. I also have a picnic basket with containers of food and desserts."

"You've both done so much for us already," Melanie was going to start crying all over again. Rusty knew that mascara was waterproof and his new wife was putting it to the test.

"We really enjoyed helping you plan your wedding. It will be fun to have Brady with Knut and Linnae for a week." Sam assured her.

"Are you sure a week isn't too long?"

"Not a problem at all. Call whenever you want to check on him." Dean knew that it was going to be quite often.

"Did we leave all the numbers?" Melanie pointed to the fridge.

"They are listed on our fridge. We even have Rusty's school contact information and we know he won't be there. We'll just spoil Brady rotten and then give him back to you."

"Thank you for everything." Melanie hugged Sam and Dean. "Today was wonderful."

"It was exactly what we'd hoped for," Rusty thanked them. Dean tried holding a hand out to Rusty but Rusty ignored it and gave Dean a hug anyway. Sam bypassed the handshake and went straight for the hug.

After waving to the newlyweds and wishing them a safe journey, they returned inside and locked up.

"So, what did you put in their Honeymoon Survival Kit?" Sam asked as soon as the door was closed.

"Candles, matches, lotions, aspirin, champagne, strawberries, chocolate sauce, two disposable cameras, sunscreen, bug repellant, band-aids, condoms, a strip poker game, and massage oils. What did you think I would have in there?"

"I don't know. Porn magazines. Sex toys. I expected the strip poker."

Dean stood in the middle of the kitchen and asked, "Should we get started on this mess or leave it until morning?"

"Put what needs to be cooled in the fridge and leave the rest," Sam suggested. "You know they're going to be up soon."


A few minutes later they checked on the three little angels who were fast asleep. As for Sam and Dean, they fell asleep as soon as their heads their pillows.


"He's fine, Mel. He misses you but we tell him all the time how much you love him and that you'll be back soon. I'm not kidding. Sam would not let me joke about something as important as that. You enjoying your time alone? Really? Okay, Mel. You'd better put him on." Dean rolled his eyes and sighed. "Rusty? What the hell are you doing out there in that cabin? You're supposed to be romancing your lady. Instead, you go fishing by yourself at the break of dawn and leave her alone in bed! The fish can wait. It's your bride that I'd worry about getting away! Wine her and dine her, man. If you can't cook, take her out to a nice restaurant in town, even if it is twenty miles away. Do they have cloth napkins? Yep. That's the one you should go to. Apologize profusely for that fishing thing. You really stepped in shit with that. I'm sure she'll forgive you. One goof isn't bad."

"Don't be so mean," Sam grabbed the phone away. "Rusty? It's Sam. Don't stress out. Just enjoy your honeymoon. Make Mel laugh. She's not complicated. She'll tell you if she's mad. Okay. Bye!" Sam closed the cell phone and counted to ten. He still felt angry so he counted to ten again.

Dean wasn't difficult to find. He was in the kitchen premixing formula for the bottles.

"I can't believe you made Rusty feel like dirt over something he did on his honeymoon."

"I was trying to give him pointers."

"You weren't doing it very nicely," Sam sighed. "Is there going to be a problem now that Mel and Rusty are married?"

"No. I'm just tired. I'll apologize the next time they call." Dean put the caps on the bottles and set them in the fridge.

"That's good."

A baby's cry sounded through the house. "Brady." They said at the same time.

Dean picked up a bottle, burp rag and went to feed him. Sam sat in a chair in the living room listening to the peace and quiet. They didn't get to hear it much. Silence soaked into his pores as he melded with the chair, making them one. Then, there was a whimper that changed to a piercing scream.

"I'm coming, Linnae. Uncle Sam has your bottle and I'm bringing one for Knut, too." Sam dashed up the stairs as fast as he could with the three baby gates securely in place.

"Oh, baby," Sam put all of the items he was carrying down on the dresser. Then, he grabbed Linnae. He changed her diaper and she squawked at the indignity of it all.

Sam, ever the talker, had Linnae smiling as she sucked on the nipple. Formula crept out the sides of her mouth.

"Don't need you spilling it on your clothes. It needs to go in your tummy." Linnae looked at him with big eyes as if she could understand every word he said. He smiled down at her as he wiped her chin off.

"How's she doing?" Dean stood in the doorway with Brady, who was whimpering.

"She's fine. What's up with Brady?"

Dean shrugged. "Got the blues? Misses Mom? Pick one."

"Let's swap. We're going to try the porch swing." Sam picked up another blanket and tucked Brady as close as possible to him. When Sam made the swing sway, Brady closed his eyes in the breeze that was created. "Do you like that? Huh?" Sam kept up a running dialogue all by himself and Brady quieted down. He gripped Sam's shirt in his fist and he looked ready to cry, but he was brave.

For the first forty-eight hours, Brady demanded Sam's attention. As soon as Sam picked him up, Brady would get a death grip on him and he'd just tag along with whatever Sam was doing. Brady didn't care where he was or what he was doing. It was who he was with that he was concerned about. After that, Sam still got up with him at night but Brady was familiar with his surroundings and able to handle the days.

Melanie and Rusty came back looking refreshed and stress-free. Then, they stepped into the Winchester House of Chaos.

Sam was trying to make lunch and it wasn't going so well. Something had spilled in the oven and the fire detectors were sounding off. The noise scared three little ones who added their cries to the mix. Dean was dripping wet, sitting on the floor, trying to comfort three babies at once. No one noticed when the couple was back.

Rusty went to investigate the smoke coming from the kitchen. He opened windows on the way to a frazzled Sam. He was running water over something in the sink that sizzled. After Sam noticed Rusty, he removed the batteries of the nearest smoke detector. He moved the stepladder around until he had all of them that were going off.

Melanie stepped over some toys and picked up the nearest squalling one. Dean smiled at her and held the other two, rocking them and trying his best to calm them. Sam came in, took one from Dean, and the babies were easier to comfort one-on-one. It also helped that it was finally quiet except for the ringing in their ears.

When Rusty walked in, Dean handed his bundle over. "I was in the shower when all hell broke loose. I'm going to get dried off and dressed in more than just my underwear." He was walking toward the staircase when he called over his shoulder, "If any of you are wondering, these steps are killer with wet feet!"

Chuckling, Sam shook his head. "He did come flying down here. I didn't notice what he was wearing."

"I didn't either," Melanie told him, "but I used to help with laundry. I saw your undies when I washed them. Boxers aren't that big of deal."

Sam's ears turned red and he suddenly found the floor extremely interesting.

Rusty cleared his throat and whispered to Melanie, "Honey? I don't think Sam wants to be reminded of you and his underwear."

"It's not like it's a big deal." Melanie used her regular voice and not a whisper back.

"Maybe to him it is."

"I lived with these guys. They're not shy around me."

"It's different now that I'm here," Rusty was trying his damnedest.

"Why?" She gave him a look of utter confusion.

He gave up and shook his head. "Never mind."

Even the babies were silent until Dean came back. "Hey, guys! What did I miss?"

"Nothing!" Sam, Rusty and Melanie replied in unison.

Dean felt like he'd entered 'The Twilight Zone' but he didn't ask any questions.

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