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30 Tragic Events

Let Me Make it Better (Supernatural, Sam/Jess, 19-blood on the sheets)

30 Tragic Events

Let Me Make it Better (Supernatural, Sam/Jess, 19-blood on the sheets)

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Title: Let Me Make It Better
Author/Artist: my_sam_dean
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Fandom: Supernatural
Theme: 19 - blood on the sheets
Disclaimer: I own nothing Supernatural.
Warning: explicit fingering

Sam entered the apartment and hurt just from looking at Jessica. She was miserable, curled up on the couch with a heating pad. The television was blaring some program but she didn't seem to be paying it any attention. She was shifting around, trying to get as comfortable as she could.

Every month she went through this and Sam felt like crap each time because there was nothing he could do to ease her suffering. Luckily, he'd quit trying to think of something to make her feel better and decided to look for something instead. The internet could be a man's best friend.

After dropping his backpack by the door and slipping off his shoes, he approached her. She was so lost in her misery that she didn't even notice him until he was right next to her.

"How ya feeling?" Sam knelt down and tried to give her a small smile.

"Oh, you know . . . " she shrugged and knew that was all the answer she needed to give.

"How long have you been sitting here? Have you eaten?"

Jessica groaned, "Don't mention food."

"Sorry, babe," Sam kissed her forehead as he mentally catalogued all the items in arm's reach. "Does anything help?"

"I wish. Did you finish your paper?"

He nodded and motioned for her to make room for him. She slid so she was between Sam and the back of the couch. Sam stayed propped up on one elbow and looked down her body as he slid his hand under her shirt to gently rub at her belly. Jessica made a noise that could have been good or bad.

"Is this okay?"

"I don't know," she squirmed a little as she thought about his question. "It's not bad."

While those words weren't a ringing endorsement, Sam was still encouraged to put his new knowledge to work.

"I have an idea. It might make you feel better."

"Really? What?"

"It works much better if I just show you," he lazily pressed his lips to hers. "Wanna?"

Confused, she gave a little nod because she knew her boyfriend wouldn't do anything to cause her harm.

"Good." He quickly unbuttoned her jeans and she made no protest until he'd also hooked his fingers under her panties. "Trust me," he whispered before he slid her clothes down and pulled them off her feet.

Jessica was blushing. She'd quickly gripped her knees together and rested her legs to the side in an attempt to hide herself from him. Realizing how vulnerable she must feel, especially with being in their large room that combined the entry, kitchen and living room, he grabbed the blanket from the backrest and spread it over her as he crept up to her level.

"Is that better?"

"I can't just . . . I don't want to make a mess." She was torn between pleading with him to understand what she was getting at and just hiding her face.

"Just a minute." Sam sat up and stretched as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. He placed it under her hips. "Problem solved." He could tell she was still unsure, so he kept talking. "I learned something new today," He slid his hand under the covers rubbed her stomach in a circular motion.

She visibly relaxed a tiny bit.

Slowly, his palm worked its way further south. When he reached her curls, he ran his hand along the line where were thighs were pressed to each other. "Let me," he said softly as he looked into her eyes.

The tension faded minutely and he caressed her legs until he could apply a small pressure and part them. He kept touching the inside of her thighs until she opened further for him. She startled when he first brushed against her moist opening. He shushed her as he slipped a finger inside.

"Sam . . ."

"I've touched you here before," he said simply. "I've seen you all spread out underneath me when you can't wait to feel my body in yours. You've been splayed across the bed when we're done and too sated to actually get under the blankets." He watched her face as he varied the pressure and movements to her core.

Her eyes were locked with his when her breaths quickened and she flushed. Moments stretched on as she climbed higher and higher to the peak that remained just out of reach. She had a tinge of fear in her gaze when she wondered if relief was in sight or if she was going to fly to pieces trying to achieve it.

An illigeble grunt escaped her throat as she moved one foot to the back of the couch. She was grinding on Sam's fingers, wanting and needing something that was just out of reach. She seemed to look to Sam for approval.

"Keep going," he told her.

Her hips were in constant motion, trying to guide Sam's touch to where he was needed most, yet not knowing exactly where that place was. Her throat was dry from panting and she gasped for air after attempting to swallow. She became frantic, making noises as she sought release. When her orgasm hit, it punched the rest of the air from her. She closed her eyes as she shook.

Sam stared at her intently until she opened her eyes. "Don't move." He rose to his feet and fetched a warm washcloth. Jessica was naked from the waist down, her covering had scrunched up as she'd moved. Sam lovingly cleaned her, pulled her bikini bottoms back on, moved the fleece so it covered her and gathered her in his arms.

"Thanks," she mumbled into his shoulder.


She nodded and curled further into his embrace.

"I'm glad." He settled down into the cushions, preparing for a nap. "I love you, Jess."

"I know," she whispered. "I love you, too."

The apartment fell quiet and its occupants slept, nestled together on the narrow furniture and blissfully unaware of anything besides the two of them.

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