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30 Tragic Events

Little Jo (Supernatural, General Series, #7 - lollipop)

30 Tragic Events

Little Jo (Supernatural, General Series, #7 - lollipop)

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Title: Little Jo
Author/Artist: my_sam_dean
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Jo
Fandom: Supernatural
Theme: 7 - lollipop
Disclaimer: I own nothing Supernatural.
Warnings: slash, incest, de-aged!Jo

It was a blustery Christmas Eve and Sam and Dean were well on their way to being toasted, watching a stockpile of horror flicks they rented at the video store. Someone knocked on the door.

"You get it," Dean ordered.

"Why me?"

"I'm older."

"How long are you going to use that excuse?" Sam grumped as he got to his feet.

"Forever," Dean replied after Sam had walked past.

"Castiel?" Sam pulled back from the peephole and slid his gun back into his jeans. He opened the door letting in wind and snowflakes. He pulled the chilled angel inside.

Dean got up from the couch and went to the door when he realized it wasn't the pizza delivery guy. He could hear a muffled sound. "What is that?"

The angel shook some snow from himself and revealed that he was cradling something against his chest under a blanket. Dean grabbed the cover and a little girl with blonde hair looked out at him from her place against Castiel's shoulder.

"This is Jo--Jo Harvelle. I believe you know her." his voice was flat and informative.

"Jo?" Sam reached for her and she climbed Castiel, trying to get further into his protection. Sam put both hands palms out to show that he wasn't going to hurt her, but she still shook. "Where did you find her?"

"Is that of any importance? The larger issue is she is back as a child with no family left to take her in."

Castiel's words burned both Winchester boys. Their father hadn't caused William Harvelle's demise, but he was involved in taking him from his girls. Sam and Dean were responsible for Jo and Ellen's deaths after leading them to the hellhounds in Carthage.

"Jo, my name is Dean. This large oaf over here is my brother Sammy. Can you tell me how old you are?"

The little blonde head shook.

Dean looked to Castiel, who just shrugged as best he could with his arms full.

"Can I hold you for a moment while my friend Castiel gets his wet clothes off? We don't want him catching a cold."

Fearfully, she eyed Dean and glanced back at Cas.

"It's okay," the angel told her.

She turned toward Dean and let him take her.

"Those are pretty little shoes," Dean kept talking to soothe the scared child.

"My dress-ups," she piped up. "I can't wear them to school but I can wear them to church and birthdays. Is today a birthday?"

"Sort of," Dean replied. "It's a holiday. You're dressed mighty nice for it. Do you remember where you were before Cas found you?"

Jo scrunched her face up for a minute. "Mommy and I were waiting for Daddy to come home. We were ready to leave for church and he was making us late."

"That's all you remember?" Sam asked softly.

She nodded and her pigtails bounced as she did so. She bit her lip and her eyes got wet, "Where are my Mommy and Daddy? Did you call them? I'm not supposed to go with strangers."

"We're not strangers," Dean assured her. "We're friends with your mom. She thought you might like having a sleepover at our house."

"Like a slumber party?"

"Sure. We'll watch movies and play games. Um, Sammy? Can you see if we own anything child appropriate?"

Sam left the room to scour their house for anything safe and non-violent.

"She just walked up to me," Castiel told Dean. "I asked her what her name was and knew I had to bring her to you."

"You did good, Cas. After she's asleep, we'll have to talk more."

"I don't want to sleep," Jo piped up. "You said we'd have movies and games."

"We will, sweetie." Dean pressed his lips to her forehead. "We'll take good care of you."

Once she was out of her bulky winter coat, she appeared even smaller. She was in a long sleeved dress, tights and patent leather shoes. Her cheeks were rosy and she was cold.

Wrapping her in a dry blanket, Dean sat with her on the sofa.

"There wasn't much to find, Dean," Sam showed him the meager offerings they had for child entertainment.

"A deck of cards and a picture book?"

"The last family left it behind. The cards are ours, if that helps any."

Luckily, Jo was tired out from the day's excitement. She wasn't able to read the words in the picture book, so they figured she was about five years old.

"Time to go to sleep, Jo," Dean stood with Jo still in his arms. "Sammy, can you throw something over Cas and check the saltines?"

Castiel snored loudly from the living room chair. Sam covered him with the afghan from the couch. "Merry Christmas, Cas," he murmured as he tucked the fabric around him.

He checked the house before heading back to the bathroom. Jo was nearly swaying on her feet as Dean found a new toothbrush for her and put paste on it.

"That's way too big for her," Sam said. "She needs a children's brush."

"We'll add it to the list of what to get when the stores open." Dean handed Jo a cup to rinse her mouth out. "Go potty and I'll find some pajamas for you. Just yell for us if you need help. You remember our names, right?"

"Dean, Sammy and Cas."

Chuckling, Dean replied, "'Cas might be out of his league on this one. Let's stick with me and Sammy for now, okay?"

They left the bathroom open a crack so they could hear her if she needed them. Dean selected a t-shirt for her to wear as a nightgown.

"I can't reach!" she cried into the hallway.

Sure enough, she needed a boost to reach the faucet and wash her hands. That was one more thing they'd have to rectify.

"Can you get yourself dressed?"

"The buckle on the shoes is tough."

Dean set Jo on the edge of his bed and worked the thin straps from the small buckles. Jo was yawning when he set the shoes aside. "Let me get you unzipped," he was glad the dress wasn't complicated to get off. He slipped it over her head and left her in her undershirt. "This is going to be big, but it should do for tonight." She obediently lifted her arms so he could get her dressed. "Do you sleep with your pigtails in?"

"Yep. I love my piggies."

"Can you get your tights off?"

Jo nodded and fought with her stockings while Dean stripped to his boxers and t-shirt for bed. Across the room, Sam had done the same.

"Is there another place she should sleep?" Dean asked Sam while Jo was preoccupied fighting with her tights.

"She's a scared little girl, Dean. We can't just put her on the couch."

"She's Jo."

"She's not the Jo you remember. Having adult Jo sleeping between us in bed would have been wrong in so many ways, but letting the kiddie Jo feel safe and protected is the right thing to do."

With his interactions with little girls, and basically women in general (besides the usual one-night conversation) lacking, he decided to trust Sam's judgment.

They left the bathroom light on because she needed a nightlight. They brought her a drink of water and left the half-filled glass on the nightstand in case she was thirsty during the night. She bounced toward the middle of the bed and asked for a bedtime story.

"It's too late tonight, honey. We'll do one tomorrow, I promise." Sam gave her a hug and turned out the lamp.

In the dark silence, a weeping voice asked, "Will Mommy and Daddy come get me?"

Dean pulled the quivering bundle close. "I know they want to."

"Will you make me go away?"

Sam's eyes were watering so Dean had to field that question, too. "No, Jo. This is your home. Until we find Mommy and Daddy, you live here with me and Sammy."

"Even if I'm bad?"

"I doubt you will be, but, yes, even if you're bad. We'll love you anyway."

She seemed satisfied with his answer. She curled up closer to Dean and drifted off to sleep.

The End

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